Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sitji Chou "Peter the Space Between" (2011)

I felt my temporal node ache a little as I viewed Peter the Space Between by Sitji Chou.
There's many ways of saying I'm depressed and Sitji's character meanders through the whole gamut of them, verging into physics as we explore the inner universe, molecules and people, voids and distances in between, the truth of self, existence itself. I actually passed Physics as an exam all those years ago without truly understanding and struggled with several books by Stephen Hawking before deciding I'm better at colour and shapes. So enjoy the abstract vortex of an unusual and strikingly intelligent work. Maybe it's more intelligent than I know for the conclusion has just a touch of comic absurdity about it and I used to laugh ever so much in the Physics lab. Sitji graduated last year from Vancouver's Emily Carr University of Art & Design.


Kimberley said...

My head hurts from trying to understand... Brilliant animation though, lovely and colourful! Me and my brain have some thinking to do haha!

Scanner Barcode Online said...

it so cool i really like it

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