Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sune Reinhardt "Mighty Antlers" (2011)

Mighty Antlers is another impressive film from Denmark's The Animation Workshop.  The directors (Sune Reinhardt, Mikael Ilnæs, Michael L. Fonsholt and Jouko Keskitalo) stage a fight to the finish between a reincarnated demon with antlers and the brutish driver of a vehicle who attempts to mow down a stag in his path. All the force and intensity of the car crash is conveyed in a frankly epic struggle between two brutes, muscles rippling, soundtrack blasting. Frankly I was not for one moment curious about the possibilities of the encounter, whether for instance all this was internalised fantasies of a traumatised brain, or of motive, did the driver intend to to kill the deer. Essentially the film falls into the category of all-out violence: well made, stylised to a degree, no holds barred. The increasing synchronisation between duel and crash makes for quite a film.

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Kimberley said...

Truly quite disturbing video, I love how he was aiming for the poor deer and then it ends up he gets his ass whipped by it! That's Karma for you...