Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Toby Jackman "Today Only" (2009)

Today Only is Toby Jackman's 2009 graduation film from the NFTS. It is a joy from start to 9 minute end. Based on an original script by Mahalia Rimmer, it allows us entry to the surreal world of a grey cat. There's the girl who loses her red panties, the sign writer who would like to see the contents of said panties, the child with a magic wand, two fairies, mischievous ones at that, a laundrette supervisor, some lavish soap suds and a trip to the moon. The film is a slow burner, introducing us to the characters then allowing the humour to build up to the laugh aloud moments and all the time there's a glow to the action, a warmth of lovable characters and eccentric situations. And that darn cat. Let's be clear, Toby directs but there is a large cast of talented individuals conspiring for something a little bit special. (Credits here.) Technically too the film is more than first rate. The colouring is sumptuous as is the music by Jon Opstad. There's a criticism on Vimeo about the ending. I don't agree with it. The criticism not the conclusion.

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