Monday, 11 June 2012

Tyler J. Kupferer "The Girl and the Fox" (2011)

Who killed the ducks? Nine year old Ilona sets off in pursuit of the bushy tailed one in what is a film with a heart. The Girl and the Fox was Tyler J. Kupferer's thesis film for his masters at Savannah College of Art and Design. The piece is a well made, hand drawn digital animation employing a forty strong crew from one of the colleges I have ear-marked for my series on great schools of animation. The praise on Vimeo is well merited though I had no tears myself: foxes is foxes and I lived on a farm with hens! But this fox is literally heart warming and the sentimentalised glow of the artwork and lighting possesses a winning quality. Tyler could have been a little harder hitting in the depiction, say, of the slaughter of the livestock and my snow storm would have had more bite to it. Different film this - Disney not Tarantino. Tyler's got talent, has led his gifted team conspicuously well, and created a film you could show to the kids without fear of nightmares.


Kimberley said...

That video had me welling up! Really touching, such a sweet animation!

Kimberley said...

Hi Ian, Wanted to show you a video. This was a submission to a competition held by Muvizu and the Raindance Film Festival, it won first place.
Brilliant video made using Muvizu by Matthew Perks.

Ian Lumsden said...

Thanks Kimberley,
I thought it was fun with good CG though the voices were more spirited amateurs than professionals. Sometimes the best work is marred by the voiced dialogue. I'll look out for more of Matthew's work in the future. Do make recommendations for the blog. I'm very busy on freelance work at present so the searching for material is not the easiest.