Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ülo Pikkov "Bermuda" (1998)

I shall not spoil the surprise about the three characters in Estonian animator Ülo Pikkov's fabulous short, Bermuda, that amuses throughout its eleven minutes. It is the eternal triangle but set in a desert landscape where a landlocked boat houses a lady with lustrous red hair and little else to hide her modesty, and a sailor with a wooden leg. He pursues a daily ritual of hauling water from a well and attending to the needs of the red haired one. Oh, and there's a snail but he's no rival. That person arrives complete with flashy coat and dashing moustache. The lady is distracted. Ülo's artful, hand drawn piece is full of wit. And considerable charm. Should you have missed it do view Alexandra Hetmerova's lovely Swimming Pool for clues as to character but only after viewing Bermuda.

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Kimberley said...

These are the kinds of animations I love! Very strange and you don't really understand what's going on! I definitely see the similarities to "swimming pool" Lovely animation.