Friday, 22 June 2012

Xin Sun & Yun Li "Happy Life" (2012)

Happy Life certainly does not seem so happy at the outset. A lonely young man seems intent on inspecting his nether regions when he tumbles out of bed. There is a good reason too for he has been laying a golden egg each night much to his obvious distress. The things - Sesame Streetish - once hatched have to be secretly disposed of, to be released into the woods. Despair comes too easily to modern youth however and, fear not, moods change, the happy note at the close all exuberance and feel good. A combination of hand drawn and 2D computer animation, the piece has brightly coloured urban and domestic scenes plus a rural idyll where the guy can let rip. It was made at the School of Art and Design, Kassel. The directors, Xin Sun and Yun Li, graduated from Nanjing Arts Institute in 2003, moving to Kassell in 2005. They now work as animators in Berlin.

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Kimberley said...

Lovely animation, I liked the happy ending. Quite random though but I enjoyed it.