Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ben Casey, Matt Smart & Ben Clube "Adrift" (2010)

The University of Hertfordshire turns out technically adroit students and when allied to the imagination the result can be some first rate pieces as in Adrift from Ben Casey, Matt Smart and Ben Clube. We are frankly in the realms of high fantasy here as a girl living high in the sky on a Blue Whale needs an anchor point and discovers one from a young aviator inhabiting a floating island. So steampunk and heroic 3D effects, plus a smidgen of high skies romance albeit the kids may seem a little young for this sort of thing. However if a girl is old enough to fly on a whale she's old enough for dating. Hertfordshire's a rising star in UK animation. And this fantasy stuff has quite a following as a visit to our local Waterstones demonstrated last weekend as I toured the shelves and my wife bought children's books.


Kimberley said...

This is so sweet! Nice animation!

Brad said...

Second that!