Friday, 6 July 2012

Caroline Torres "21 Years in 7 Minutes" (2012)

The best animation website launches its third annual Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival and it's off with a lovely Flash film. Caroline Torres does what a good animator does best, mastering the drawing tablet with the hand sketched look of her 21 Years in 7 Minutes. Take that moment when a child realises that chicken is indeed chicken, that boys aren't all rough, add the expanding chest measurement, smoking on top of a hill, more boys; anyway our girl goes to arts school and meets lots of other boys, girls, passes through the mandatory psychedelia phase and falls for the redhead in the beard.  A student at Rhode Island School of Design, Caroline's film reminds me that things have not changed that much since my day. It also squashes a lot of incident into a short time-frame, briskly encompassing a range of emotions, funny and not so funny, all imaginatively encapsulated.


Matt said...

As a 21 yr old artist, I love it! What software was used here?

devil jiang said...

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