Monday, 2 July 2012

Gobelins Annecy 2012

Each year as a trailer for the great animation festival at Annecy Gobelins L'Ecole de L'Image makes a selection of short films with their second year students, much anticipated, much appreciated and scene stealers in their own right.This year's theme was evidently Ireland. Good idea and we have less of the frantic chases. You'll notice the Irish have red hair.

First off and in no particular order is The Line. Here the UDA and IRA battle it out metaphorically as green versus orange over the streets of Belfast. Rowsing stuff and just the right stance for Annecy. (Maël Jaouen, Sarah Colmet Daâge, Laura Pannetier, Guillaume Arantes and Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart)

Beyond the Sea is set on the Giant's Causeway as a dreaming young man slips into carnival mode. Nice view of the Titanic. (Marthe Delaporte, Christine Shin, Chloé Nicolay, Guillaume Dousse and Cyrille Chauvin)

Holy Sheep has the grim reaper as we have never seen him before. The Good shepherd does his best to look after the sheep and we get some authentic Irish dancing. (Yoann Bomal, Karina Gazizova Dejong, Jeanne Sylvette Giraud, Hélène Leroux and Gaspard Sumeire)

Matches portrays the British soldiers as faceless  thugs preparing to do battle on the streets. Three fresh faced boys light the skies and all look on in wonder. Annecy is made for such small mercies.(Augustin Clermont, Juliaon Roels, Léa Justum, Manddy Wyckens and Thibaud Petitpas)

Hurley's Irish has a picturesque village in Connemara and a Biblical style intervention for the good folk to get their game of hurling off to a good start. (Clément De Ruyter, Eve Guastella, Adrien Gromelle, Estelle Chaloupy and Pierre Rütz)

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