Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Nandita Jain "Myths About You" (2008)

Myths About You presents two myths or truths about our origins. First is the story told by the Mannans, the original inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent's forests. This is the "mythical" and it is shorter and in a sense more colourful. The second is much longer, in terms of animation and history. This is the "empirical" commencing 14000 million years ago and covering dinosaurs and continents colliding. Amazing in every way. Everything coalesces towards an appreciation of the Periyar Tiger Reserve, where magnificent beasts need our protection. Nandita Jain's eight minute piece is a thoroughly well researched, fascinating mix of hand drawn images, nicely animated and designed. Immanuel Suresh is our guide in a documentary that is both poetic and scientific, entertaining and illuminating. It is also rather beautiful in parts particularly given a magnificent soundtrack from Julius Packiam. I know of Nandita's work from the UK's National Film & Television School from which she has recently graduated. Her first degree was obtained from the National Institute of Design in India.

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