Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Oerd van Cuijlenborg "An Abstract Day’ (2009)

An Abstract Day might well be misinterpreted by the family should they just overhear the sexually explicit soundtrack. Dutch animator Oerd van Cuijlenborg's film is described as semi-abstract which, sadly, is a turn-off for some but this is a class piece and sustains interest for its entire five minutes. It follows a day in the life of a couple from awakening to the sound of traffic and kites shrieking past their apartment to the heat of a city, escape to the countryside, thunder storm and evening peace. The director's ability to capture the various moods and locations with shape, colour and the most delicate of brush strokes is remarkable: the rural and urban scenes, the heat and the passion. In fact the screenshot is rather less abstract than the general film but, artist that I am, I felt it suited the design of my blog more than naked flesh with pulses of light and life bouncing about. Unlike some critics, I liked the soundtrack. And I should note that I've entered the summer vacation period where exotic lands beckon so the posts will be sparse.


kalitkapodryabinkoi said...

thanx for your review, I liked the soundtrack too:) And I like your blog as I love cartoons like these, keep on writing!

devil jiang said...

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