Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wasaru "Parler le fracas" ( Le Peuple de l'Herbe 2012)

Let me tell you, there's gonna be a riot. The people are all down-trodden, the pigs get the jobs, the food, lifestyle. We chickens do all the work, churning out automobiles we could never afford, trudge to and from work, live in shabby apartments. All the time the boss pores over his town plan, bulldozes the greenery, builds higher and higher. Something's got to give. And it does. There's gonna be a bloody revolution I tell you. Parler le fracas is a breath of hip hop, rancid air from Le Peuple de l’Herbe featuring Marc Nammour. It's as good a music video as I have seen for some time. Directors Wasaru show just what exposure a great animated video can give a song. And this is a great video. Jérémy Couturie's characters are wincingly good, collapsing chickens and dribbling pigs. Something of an epic scale to the city too with its asymmetric buildings and mad city planner. There is a translated version available.


wasaru said...

WTF how could KFC be advertised before such this video ^^
anyway, many much thanks for this review!!

Ian Lumsden said...

KFC was advertised on the dailymotion link immediately before the translated version appeared. However, I have tried it two more times and, hey, no ad this time. I'll edit the blog as it was a daft point anyway.)

jotta said...

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